Hospital Software Solutions

Information that Impacts Survival

Transforming data into useful information that can help providers measure and improve outcomes is part of our mission. Whether it’s STEMI management, gathering information for debriefing and continuous quality improvement, or managing code readiness, our solutions are designed to give you the information you need—simply and accurately.

A Complete Suite of Products

RescueNet® 12-lead – A complete, no-cost, STEMI management platform.
RescueNet Code Review – Capture the full disclosure ECG and rapidly review CPR performance metrics. A no-cost version makes it accessible to all.
CodeNet® Writer - Replace pen and paper with an electronic code record that synchronizes with the defibrillator to create an accurate, time-stamped record of each event, and send the report to EMR over Wi-Fi.
Defibrillator Dashboard™ - Keeps clinical engineering apprised of code-readiness and reduces the costs of fleet management.